Disaster Inspections

In December 1995, CWIS was awarded a sub-contract with Computer Science Corporation (CSC) to perform disaster inspections for FEMA.  CWIS' initial work for a government customer was the performance of disaster inspections in the Olympia, WA area in January 1996.  Severe flooding required a response by FEMA to provide disaster relief to residents of that area.  CWIS responded by dispatching eight inspectors all of whom reported within 48 hours of initial notification.  Over a three week period, the company successfully performed 1012 home inspections.  CWIS was again called upon in March 1998 to conduct disaster inspections in Florida, in the wake of severe rainstorms and tornados.  CWIS deployed 52 inspectors within 36 hours, and conducted 10,262 inspections over a period of 55 days.


Disaster Inspection

Awarded Contracts


1995 - Awarded Sub Contract with CSC for FEMA (sub contract)


1996 - 1,012 inspections for Flooding in Olympia, WA.


1998 - 10,262 inspections for Severe Weather in Florida.