CWIS is postured to complete any property preservation task required.  We can perform complete trash removal, lock sets changes, and other tasks required for property preservation. This also includes boarding windows, property cleaning, lawn maintenance, and winterization.


Any requirements for boarding will meet HUD boarding specifications.  The appropriate size and width of plywood will be used along with carriage bolts to adequately secure window and door openings.



House Boarding

LocksetLock Set Changes

We can change locks on all doors with a standard door knob and/or deadbolt set.  Locks can be changed to match your key code.




House lock set changes

Trash outTrash Removal

CWIS will remove all trash, debris and personal property from the property, both inside and out.




Trash Removal

Property cleaningProperty Cleaning

CWIS will perform complete cleaning of the interior of the property to include vacuuming of carpeting, cleaning of appliances, countertops, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, doors, windows and sills and other flat surfaces.



Property Cleaning

Lawn MaintenanceLawn Maintenance

We will cut, edge and trim grass, trim shrubbery and remove all organic yard debris.  In addition, CWIS will clean impacted gutters.



Lawn Maintenance


CWIS will turn off water to the property, drain toilets and water heater, flush remaining water from all water lines with pressurized air, pour antifreeze in sink traps and toilet tanks and bowls, secure toilets and post notice that the property has been winterized.



Property Winterization


We will provide before and after photos of all work completed to verify and confirm quality of work performed.

NOTE:  Prices for these services will be set according to the degree of effort required and the time frame required for the necessary work.